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  • borazon grinding wheels | eagle superabrasives, inc

    Borazon Grinding Wheels | Eagle Superabrasives, Inc

    From automotive to aerospace industries, our superabrasives will meet and exceed all your grinding wheel needs. In addition to diamond and CDX wheels, Eagle Superabrasives also manufactures CBN Borazon grinding wheels. The Borazon crystal gets it’s name from its cubic form of boron nitride (cBN).

  • diamond wheels, cbn (borazon) wheels and cdx wheels

    Diamond wheels, cBN (Borazon) Wheels and CDX Wheels

    These include : Fluting & Gashing Diamond Wheels and CBN Borazon Wheels for the round tool industry, Industrial knife grinding wheels, Saw grinding wheels, Paper Converting wheels, Semi-Conductor slicing and dicing, Automotive and Aerospace.

  • borazon, cbn, diamond, and cdx grinding wheels

    Borazon, CBN, Diamond, and CDX Grinding Wheels

    Ultimate Wheels 125% Concentration. The grinding wheels below are the best our industry has to offer, our ultimate grinding wheels feature 60% Nickel-Coated, Element 6 Diamond, CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) and CDX, Concentration 125%, ultimate quality polyimide resins, precision-balanced, CNC-turned and trued steel cores, dressing stick and shims included.

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    Diamond CBN Centerless Grinding Wheels | Newdiamondtools

    The super-hard centerless grinding wheel is a special grinding wheel for centerless grinding machines. It is used for grinding hard and brittle materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, magnetic materials, PDC tools and etc. Abrasives are diamond or CBN. The