dronco as 30 special inox steel metal cutting disc timothy wood limited

  • dronco as 30 special inox steel metal cutting disc

    Dronco AS 30 Special Inox Steel Metal Cutting Disc

    Description: Dronco AS 30 Inox Special Stainless Steel Metal Cutting Abrasive Discs. All purpose despressed discs, suitable for cutting most types of metal - particularly suited to thin sheet like car body panels, thin-walled profiles and stainless steel pipes and non-ferrous metals.

  • metal cutting discs - as 30 v inox – dronco gmbh

    Metal cutting discs - AS 30 V Inox – DRONCO GmbH

    AS 30 V Inox. For profiles and pipes made of steel and stainless steel. The new high performance cutting disc Evolution AS 30 V Inox with a thickness of 2.5 mm completes the range of the DRONCO freehand cutting discs for stainless steel.

  • dronco as 30 s inox special steel metal grinding disc

    Dronco AS 30 S Inox Special Steel Metal Grinding Disc

    Dronco 3116540 AS 30 S Inox Special Sheet Steel Metal Grinding Abrasive Disc 4 /12 Inch 115mm. High-alloy special steel, high-alloy stainless steel and stainless steel sheet. Free of iron, chlorine and sulphur, medium-hard special disc with high grinding performance for rust-free surfaces. FE / S /

  • metal cutting discs - as 60 w 0,8 mm – dronco gmbh

    Metal cutting discs - AS 60 W 0,8 mm – DRONCO GmbH

    For thin sheets, steel ropes, thin-walled profiles and pipes made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, as well as composite materials (glass-reinforced plastics) The extra fine cutting disc Evolution AS 60 W with a thickness of 0.8 mm is the right choice for cutting thin- walled profiles and pipes, thin sheet and ropes.

  • dronco inox -bf special line cutting discs | cromwell tools

    Dronco Inox -BF Special Line Cutting Discs | Cromwell Tools

    Dronco Inox -BF Special Line Cutting Discs, 5 products available to order online (DRN2301010A,DRN2301030C,DRN2301050E,DRN2301070G,DRN2301090J). Next day delivery available on most items, free delivery on orders over £20!

  • dronco jubilee - 1mm - inox thin steel cutting discs - 25 pack

    Dronco Jubilee - 1mm - Inox Thin Steel Cutting Discs - 25 Pack

    Buy Dronco Jubilee Evolution INOX thin metal / steel cutting discs in boxes of 25 at ParkerTools. Specialist suppliers of abrasive cutting equipment and consumables. Angle grinders,cutting discs,grinding discs and cutting discs for angle grinders.